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Healthy Lifestyle

NEWSTART is a physician-monitored, scientifically researched lifestyle change program based on eight fundamental principles proven to help clients achieve optimum health: Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunlight, Temperance, Air, Rest and Trust. This health recovery program is designed to prevent and reverse disease through natural methods. Only the NEWSTART Lifestyle Program offers the benefits of more than 35 years of experience and a thoroughly-equipped facility with caring staff to facilitate the “NEWSTART” lifestyle.

Our programs provide a continuum of care with social, spiritual, educational, recreational, rehabilitational and health-focused amenities. We promote a healthy community lifestyle for people of all ages especially those at senior-age levels through a proven wellness regimen and by providing extensive preventative health resources to our guests.

The NEWSTART Lifestyle Program offers 18-day live-in programs that teach guests how to reverse a variety of lifestyle-related diseases through natural means. Our scientifically-supported program has helped more than 11,500 people attain better health and improve their quality of life.

NEWSTART can help:

  • Relieve Arthritis

  • Reverse Diabetes

  • Reverse Heart Disease

  • Renew Immune System

  • Reduce Neuropathy

  • Overcome Depression

  • Shed Pounds

  • Increase Energy

  • Lower Cholesterol

  • Enhance Vitality


  • 50% of Type 2 Diabetics who adopt the NEWSTART Lifestyle are off their insulin and medications in as little as 18 days.

  • 50% of all hypertensives get off medication and return to normal blood pressure.

  • 80% of those who suffer from diabetic neuropathy are pain-free after 18 days.

  • 40% drop in cholesterol is what many participants have experienced by the end of our program